Glass Shelving Units

Glass shelving system can be a great solution and give a contemporary - luxury look. We, at Custom Glass Shelves, offer custom glass shelving to suit your requirements. Available to order in: Clear, Low Iron, Back Painted, Frosted and Mirror.
A glass is available in all thicknesses, tints, and finishes and in all shapes and sizes. We cut and process glass to your bespoke measurements using the latest technology including CNC machinery.
All our glass products are produced to exacting standards with high quality finishes enabled by the latest technology and years of experience.
We are offering you different types of mounting options. This can be different kinds of the hardware finishes or a brand new UV-bonding technology.
UV-bonded shelving units

The adhesive is cured using ultraviolet light to create a very high strength bond, suitable for anything from fixing plates and hinges to stand alone furniture. The main benefit of UV bonding is there is no need for drilled holes or fixing to other materials. This allows the creation of clean, uninterrupted lines for items such as display cases, tables, and cabinets etc.
UV bonding also allows retrofitting of locks and hinges on existing glass furniture. This process can also be used to create 'invisible joints’ between fixed panels, in shower screens, at either standard or non-standard angles.

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