Glass Fencing System

The glass fencing system is an exclusive, stylish and functional part of the interior of the room, which performs protective functions in residential and non-residential premises. The main places for using glass fences are ladders, screw stairs, balconies, terraces, elevators. The frequent use of glass fences in modern interiors is due to their high level of safety, refinement, practicality, as well as ease of operation, reliability, and durability.
Glass fences can withstand a huge load, and anyone evaluating visually may think that the glass fence looks very fragile and airy. However, materials used in production give glass with excellent technical characteristics and is not worse than conventional metal.
The latest technology and extensive knowledge of the properties of the glass allow you to make glass fences of various shapes, thicknesses, tints, colors and give the opportunity to apply the image to the surface of the glass. Glass fences perform their functions for safety purposes and provide the refinement and aesthetics of your design.
From a security standpoint - the glass fences are some of the best for a balcony or loggia. And in combination with the advantages and attractive appearance, these constructions are the favorites of the construction market.

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